The idea of bringing together nurses from Cameroon was born out of frustration. Indeed, throughout the second half of 1965, meetings of the ad hoc committee established by the Minister in charge of Health composed of representatives of all professional bodies Health Sector, held in Yaounde in order to prepare a draft bill to create a unique order of the health professions. However, as the No. 66-LF-7 Law of 10 June 1966 regulating the professions of doctor, dentist and midwife is enacted, the role of nurses was omitted it appears they have been rejected because they were regarded as mere auxiliary medical professions.

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Public Notice N. 1972/CPR/OPMS/SG
Communiqué N. 1972/CPR/OPMS/SG

Calendar 2014
Douala, 10th December 2013

Our calendar for the year 2014 is now online.

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4th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the National Association of Medical Health Professions, Nurse, Midwife and Medical Health Technician of Cameroon
Yaoundé, 18th December 2012

On December 18th 2012, was held in Yaoundé, the capital of the Republic of Cameroon, the 4th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the National Association of Medical Health Professions, Nurse, Midwife and Medical Health Technician of Cameroon.

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Our pioneers

Mr. Charles ASSALE

Best from the first staff of Cameroonian nurses. Former Prime Minister of East Cameroon.

Mrs. Lena EKO

A pioneer


A pionnier

CSN Appears today as a national force That acts as a Scientific competence and high level of Government partner including the implementation of SERVICE TRAINING policy and human resources in health.

Recent projects

Informed Patient Project Informed Patient Project
Research indicates that patients and consumers who take a more active part in decisions about their health do better and are more likely to be satisfied with the care and outcome of treatments they receive. Read more …
International Nursing Review International Nursing Review
The acculturation of migrant nurses in Israel and the U.S.

The objectives of this study are to determine the respective levels of acculturation of nurses from the former Soviet Union settled in Israel and nurses from the Philippines to the United States. Understanding the factors determining their integration in host countries, and different experiences in this regard, will be used to develop strategies to help migrant nurses to achieve their professional and personal goals. Read more …


Name: Cameroonian Nursing Society (CNS). Authorisation N° 005/RDDNC19/BAPP from the 7th of January 1992 prefecture of Wouri, Douala.

P.O. Box: B.P : 8743 Douala

Tel.: 33 40 26 13 / 77 73 45 88

Fax: 33 43 10 08


Bank account: BICEC (85000) – Agency of Bali Douala (06803) – Account number 26715-3001 – RIB key: 14 – SWIFT CODE: ICLRCMCX.

Description: Non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit association made up of nurses governed by the Law N° 80-053 Law from December 19th 1990 concerning freedom of association.

Motto: Honesty – Devotion – Love of our vocation
Gather all nurses in Cameroon in order to get them to improve the quality of their services through the organization of scientific forums and operational research in the field of health care.
Develop a strong and dynamic work partnership to promote quality care for all, sound health policies, the nursing profession and to cooperate with national and international organizations of similar purpose including the International Council of Nurses

Its structures include:

The Annual Conference (GA) which is a meeting that allows nurses to share their experiences, discuss new knowledge, to present the results of their research and discuss technical, ethical and administrative issues.
The National Coordinating Committee: A decision-making board composed of two (2) representatives of each cell, a member of the CNS.
The Board of Directors: Management Authority of the CNS, acting agent in the interval between meetings of the National Coordinating Committee. The board is headed by an executive council of four (4) members and assisted by technical committees, the most important is the Committee for Services and Research in Nursing (CSRN). An Executive Director is the permanent secretariat of the association.


  • Cameroon Public Health Ministry
  • International Nursing Council
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • NESTLE company
  • Education institutions


  • Affiliation to the International Nursing Council
  • Acquire reliable and permanent sponsors
  • Organize a nursing fair
  • Build the headquarters of the association