4th Ordinary Session

Yaoundé, december 18th 2012

On December 18th 2012, was held in Yaoundé, the capital of the Republic of Cameroon, the 4th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the National Association of Medical Health Professions, Nurse, Midwife and Medical Health Technician of Cameroon. This Assembly renewed the mandate of the council members and of the Bureau of the board.
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Were elected thus:


  • ABDOULAYE Aminatou wife of BELINGA: Graduate state nurse
  • ARREY Cathérine: Higher Principal nurse, Anesthesiologist
  • EKULE Grâce: Principal nurse
  • NGO BITJICK épse GWET Marie: Principal nurse
  • YAMGOUE KEWOU épse SIANI Sidonie: Principal nurse specialized in reproductive health
  • BIJENGSI Jerôme: Medico-Sanitary technician specialized in Medical Analysis
  • FOBASSO DZEUTA Melkior: Principal nurse specialized in Ophthalmology, Bachelor of Nursing Sciences
  • MOR Michael MBA: Medico-Sanitary technician specialized in Medical Analysis
  • JUNANG Jean, State nurse
  • SANDA HAMAN: State nurse
  • TCHOUATA Joseph: Higher Principal nurse spécialized in Metal Health-Care
  • TIGANG: Higher Principal nurse, birth attendant, state graduate
  • EKULE Grâce: Principal nurse


  • President : Catherine ARREY
  • Vice President : AMINATOU ABDOULAYE, epse BELINGA
  • Secretary : TCHOUATA Joseph
  • Treasurer : YAMGOUE KEWOU, epse SIANI Sidonie
  • Auditor : MOR Michael MBA

Note : since its establishment in 1984, for the first time a woman has been elected President of the order

Statistics of the meeting:

  • Council members were renewed at 75%
  • Board members were renewed 100%
  • Gender parity is growing within both the council and the board.
    Within the council 05 women out of 12, or 41,66% versus 02 women out og 12 or 16,66% in the former council.
    Within the board 03 women out of 05 or 60% versus 01 women out of 05 in the former council or 20%

The fifth regular session of the General Assembly of the board will take place in December 2015